ALPHA® Bar HiFlo® 63/37


HiFlo®焊料通过 Alpha 专有的粘度和减渣处理手段(可形成最纯、撇渣次数最少、最高流动性的焊料),使用原始金属工艺制造。HiFlo 随后被加入合金,并在闭环喷射系统中在氮气层下浇铸,从而不会有浇铸杂质且不含氧化物。这增强了其低撇渣次数的特点。



  • Increases production speed
  • Minimizes drossing
  • Reduces icicling
  • Solders at lower temperature
  • Selective control of raw materials
  • Unique process for pot monitoring and analysis
  • Proprietary pot treatments for control of oxides & viscosity

  • Reduces production cost
  • Reduces bridging
  • Solders densely populated boards
  • Increases yield
  • Nitrogen inerted molten casting process
  • Proprietary control of trace elements to inhibit the formation of dross



  • Decreases wetting force required to wet out pads & thru-holes
  • Depressed bridging in fine pitch technology
  • Smaller fillets yield more joints per pound
  • Lowers dross generation
  • Easier inspection & less rework / touch-up due to brighter solder joints
  • Significantly improves throughput
  • Better peel off at wave exit
  • Compensates for board design that causes shadowing & reduces solder skips
  • True parabolic shaped fillets
  • Extends pot life by allowing lower operating temperature
  • Decreases solder defects
  • Reduces surface tension in nitrogen blanket soldering equipment


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