ALPHA®WS-852是一种 SnBiAg 低温水溶性锡膏,设计用于多种需要水溶性回流后清洗的表面贴装技术工艺。 低温、无铅合金可在更低温度下处理表面贴装技术。SnBiAg 合金回流在 (160-190)oC 之间。


ALPHA® WS-852 中精心选择的 Sn/Bi/Ag 合金可用于在熔化和再凝固期间提供最低的熔点、最低的糊状范围,以及非常精细的颗粒结构,可最大程度抵抗热循环疲劳。合金还可产生空洞很少的 BGA 焊点,即使在使用传统 SAC 合金球的情况下也是如此。


所有与 ALPHA® WS-852 一起使用的组件都必须不含铅,从而不会形成熔点低于 100oC 的锡/铅/铋金属间化合物。


  • Reduced energy consumption in reflow ovens versus standard lead-free alloys.
  • Reduced reflow process time.
  • Excellent volume transfer efficiency over a broad range of environmental conditions.
  • High throughput and yield with consistent print volumes at print speeds ranging from (1-6) inches per second.
  • Exhibits resistance to slumping and drying at temperatures up to (66-84)oF/(19-29)oC and relative humidity extremes (35-65)%RH
  • Water cleanable after two solder paste reflow cycles. 
  • Superior solder spread and wetting on all commonly used lead free surface finishes (Entek HT, Alpha Star Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Ni/Au, SACX HASL, etc.)
  • Meets highest IPC 7095 voiding performance (Class III).
  • Low temperature reflow profiles may enable the use of less expensive printed circuit substrates, when appropriate.
  • Compatible with either nitrogen or air reflow.
  • Excellent overprint capability for paste in hole printing.



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