ALPHA® OM-5100


Alpha 的 ALPHA®OM-5100 是一种低残留物、免清洗锡膏,设计用于最大程度提高表面贴装技术生产线良率。助焊剂载体采用流变配方,提供出色的可重复性以及环境条件抗性。ALPHA OM-5100 活化系统经过优化以提高焊点可焊性,减少焊料球和其他焊接缺陷,同时保持长期可靠性。最大程度减少缺陷需要稳健可重复的工艺、设备和材料。


  • Quick start up and simple product substitution from current material
  • Print Consistency: Lower “deposit to deposit” variation drives maximization of first pass print & reflow yields
  • Print Repeatability: Lower variability after production dwells, ensuring a continuous production flow with minimized level of insufficient solder joints
  • Solder Ball Reduction: Minimizing both mid chip and random solder balls helps to maximize reflow yields
  • Excellent Solder Spread: Compatibility with a variety of pad and lead finishes drives overall cosmetics & yields up
  • Excellent response to pause performance, generating less defects due to start up
  • High print speed, up to 150 mm/sec (6 inch/sec) 
  • Efficient activation system providing defect free soldering with a wide range of oven profile
  • Low residue level with minimal spread for reliable underfilling processes and results
  • Excellent reliability properties, halide-free material



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